Citing sources correctly and uniformly is vital to better communication and progress is the academic world. I don’t feel that all the different styles of citations are necessary, but that is a minor detail that is irrelevant – so long as the important information is being cited. I see citations like I see the experimental process in science, one must be able to understand what you’ve done, even if the next person reaches a different conclusion from you. It can be a pain to do sometimes, but properly citing sources is just one of those things you have to do.

Digital Identity


Pre-Identity search

I expect that my current digital identity will consist mainly of Facebook posts and photos. I have other social media set up like twitter and instagram, but I rarely use them and so expect those will be hard to find on google. I think the popularity of my name will also make my stuff even harder to find.

Post-Identity search

As expected, my google search results didn’t yield anything besides my Facebook profile. Even the profile was hidden on the 3rd page of google, as I share the same name of the current head of cyber security at the White House and also a guy who ate a bunch of bath salts and then ate his neighbors dog. I’m afraid I’ll never beat out those two for the top spot on our google search page.

I am indifferent to my current digital identity. I like that no one can easily find me, but I don’t have anything really on the web anyway.